Dear customer of SoChilled.com
Our vision and mission are to be able to offer beautiful quality products to you as a customer, at a good price and with a good selection that suits you and your lifestyle. We want to offer products that make the days a little more beautiful, happier and more balanced.

Our desire is to always be able to deliver our loyal customers the latest in the chill living segment. We are responsive to feedback and your product desires so that you and our faithful customers value us as an interesting and preferred online store for the beautiful moments of life.

SoChilled.com is a Norwegian based company, but our suppliers are located mainly in Asia and America. We spend a lot of time finding honest and reliable suppliers who deliver good quality products at a good price, according to the specified delivery time. We appreciate feedback on slow deliveries and poor quality. Don’t forget that you always can contact us at post@sochilled.com. We strive for solutions rather than problems, and we want you as a customer to be happy with us and our services.
Hopefully, you will recommend us to your friends and family.

We are constantly in development and would very much like to have an open and honest dialogue with our customers. Please give us feedback if you have suggestions on how we can improve. Most of all, we want you to be happy as a customer at SoChilled.com!

All the best – and welcome to SoChilled.com!

Gry Hege Thorslund
Manager – SoChilled.com

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